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I believe the artist's role in society is to speak on a level to inspire and teach. With this thought, my approach is to speak through the power of imagery. Ideas proceeds actions, strong imagery has the power to not only unite but motivate. My goal is to satisfy each client's desire to speak and express their vantage point creatively. 

My Services

Aim for more than satisfied

The uniqueness of creative work provides its own value. The time necessary to produce powerful imagery cannot be quantified as inspiration is fluid. A great image can happen within minutes or take hours. The end results are all that matters.

  • 2 hr

    300 Canadian dollars

  • 3 hr

    400 Canadian dollars

  • 8 hr

    starting at $750

  • 8 hr

    starting at $850
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About Me

I have been a commercial photographer for over 15 years. As a graduate of Ontario College of Art, my experience has allowed me to work professionally in all aspects of image-making including portraits, weddings, editorial magazines, fine art and advertising campaigns. I have had numerous publications and have been acknowledged for my skills in photo competitions both in North America and abroad. For me, the artist's journey is one of self-discovery through introspection. My work is quite often a direct reflection of stimuli and manifestations of things that are not only outside but thoughts and beliefs within myself. I seek to express these thoughts in visual ways that offer insights to that uniquely human trait shared by all not hindered by language, gender, or race. That trait is emotional expression. Bringing people together using my gift has been my personal goal and communicating ways to show connections rather than our differences is my purpose. I am Montano St.Jules and while there are many artists in this world my perspective is but theartof1. Peace and love to all.




"I Don't take pictures, I make them"

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